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Because you deserve a career that loves you back, as much as you love your family.

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We Belive In More Than Just Making Ends Meet

We're on a mission to empower every busy mama —whether she's juggling spreadsheets at work, bedtime stories at home, or dreams of her own business—by unlocking the doors to financial freedom, flexible living, and fulfilling careers.

Our community is a beacon for the passion-driven professional and entrepreneurial dreamer, where support, strategy, and success stories light the way to a life where work, wealth, and wellbeing dance harmoniously together.

Here, we don't just aim to build generational wealth; we're crafting legacies of joy, independence, and empowerment. Because every mom deserves to thrive in a career that sparks her passion, to share moments that matter with her family, and to live every day without the weight of 'what-ifs' on her shoulders.

Welcome to

Where Faith Meets Strategy In A Digital World

By choosing to embark on this journey with Techcelerate, you're not just starting a side hustle; you're opening the door to a new way of living—a life where your passions fuel your prosperity and your faith guides your growth.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To:

Financial Freedom

Discover how to generate substantial income through digital platforms and affiliate marketing, working just a few hours a day.

Flexibility. Autonomy.

With the strategies you’ll learn, you can dictate your own hours, work from anywhere, and prioritize what truly matters—be it attending your child's soccer game or having a quiet morning to yourself.

A Legacy of Entrepreneurship

Instill values of independence and innovation in your children as they watch you build something from the ground up.

Continuous Growth and Learning

Equip yourself with cutting-edge digital marketing skills, real estate knowledge, and investment strategies that ensure your business remains profitable and your financial future is secure. Embrace lifelong learning as a tool for empowerment and personal development.

Emotional Fulfillment.

Spiritual Fulfillment.

This path is about more than just financial gain—it's about contributing to a greater purpose and feeling contentment in your daily life.


and Support

Find encouragement, exchange ideas, and build lasting friendships in a community that understands your aspirations and challenges. You're not alone!

Real Results for

Real Moms

From the mom looking to contribute more to her family's finances, to the single mom striving to build a legacy on her own terms, the transformations speak for themselves.

Embark on Your Journey to Digital Wealth and Freedom

Faith. Family. Finances.

Discover how faith, family, and financial freedom can intertwine beautifully in the digital age. Whether you're aiming to supplement your family's income or dreaming of building a legacy as a powerhouse single mom, the path starts here.

Excellent Support

Are you ready to transform your passion into your paycheck? Let's launch the side hustle that will become your mainstay, guided by faith, strategy, and the digital age's boundless opportunities.

Leveraging Digital

Let's co-create your success story—one where affiliate marketing, digital platforms, and, eventually, real estate and investing aren't just dreams, but pillars of your financial fortress. It's time to shift from the daily grind to generating wealth with wisdom and grace, all within a few hours a day.

Time Freedom

Dive into a world where your hours are yours, your faith fuels your journey, and your digital endeavors blossom into real-world prosperity.

Meet Our Founder

Chaka is a seasoned technology leader and serial entrepreneur, balancing her roles as a single mom, real estate investor, and devout woman of faith with grace and tenacity.

As the visionary founder of Techcelerate®, she draws upon her rich tapestry of experiences to offer busy moms the mentorship, strategies, and confidence required to navigate the complexities of building digital skills for creating multiple streams of income.

Her mission is deeply personal: to enable women to transcend burnout, stress, and overwhelming schedules, thereby unlocking financial and time freedom.

Chaka is dedicated to empowering women to achieve a harmonious balance between their professional ambitions and family commitments, inspiring a legacy of wealth, well-being, and wisdom.

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